This summer we’ve been helping quite a few people deal with unwanted facial hair.  As you can imagine, this is an embarrassing problem to deal with, as it’s very difficult to hide if it occurs on the face and neck.  Many people resort to shaving in this area, because they think they have to wait until the hairs are quite long to be removed by other methods.

However, this is not the case!  Don’t suffer in silence – or shave – as we can help!!  Did you know that sugaring hair removal can remove hairs 2 mm long and threading can remove hairs only just emerging on the surface of the skin?  If you feel strong hairs emerging, we can remove them.  We have two different strengths of threading cotton, so we can remove even very thick hairs with strong roots.  The advantage of opting for threading or sugaring hair removal on the face, is that you are also shocking the roots of the hairs.  This means that hairs will grow back at a slower rate than shaving and will grow back much, much finer and can even lead to permanent hair removal if you regularly do this.