Beauty Workshop by EcoBliss beautyA few years back, we were asked  to run a number of workshops on how to make your own natural beauty products from kitchen cupboard ingredients by a couple of the WI groups in Canterbury.  These proved so successful that we had to get an assistant to help at each event, as there were so many people! 

Our first ‘Make Your Own Beauty Products’ workshop in Cornwall was in August of this year, at the Cabana Kitchen at the EcoPark at Porthtowan.  This went really well, with the DIY beauty workshop attendees enjoying learning how to make easy and affordable recipes for beauty products that are 100% natural and very effective.

These comprehensive ‘Make Your Own Beauty Products’ workshops are the perfect activity for large or small groups, and perfect for hen parties looking for a fun activity. 

What do you do in the beauty workshop?

The workshops begin with a talk about the different skin types and their characteristics and explanations on how to identify which one you are.   Participants are then assisted to select the correct products to make for their skin and they are encouraged to ask questions about skin care, any skin issues they may have and the benefits of different ingredients. Years of learning and experience puts us in a position to answer these in a supportive and informed manner!

Ingredients and recipe sheets are provided and participants each get a recipe sheet to take home. Different types of workshops can be provided on request – ie making products as gifts, making different types of products or pamper parties.