Beauty workshops TruroWe’re pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with My Space Retreats this year to provide our Make and Take Beauty Products from Kitchen Cupboard Ingredients Workshops this year!

As part of My Space Retreats’ Therapeutic Retreat in March, we’ll be running a workshop for participants on the afternoon of Saturday 28th March at Porthtowan Eco Park.

We’ll be working with participants to show them how to determine which skin type you have and how to make highly effective, 100% natural beauty products from ingredients you usually already have in your own kitchen cupboard.

We ran an event like this last year at the Cabana Café, which went really well and which people really enjoyed.  The venue is just the right kind of place for this type of event, as it’s really spacious and the café got involved and did their bit by saving coffee grounds for us to use in the workshop.

We’re really looking forward to running this workshop with new people and it’s a fun workshop where we share our knowledge and skills and enjoy helping people with their skincare!